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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging has become a very popular in the fields of preventive maintenance, moisture testing, roof moisture testing, energy auditing and home improvement. In our continuing effort to provide best possible service for our clients, Target Inspections offers Thermal Imaging inspections. Our Inspectors are trained Level 1 Thermographers.

This new and innovative procedure involves the utilization of infrared thermal imaging to detect many hidden or suspected problems.

Prior to Thermal Imaging, detection of problem areas required having to tear out drywall or use some other invasive method. These methods frequently were not successful in initially locating the source of the problem, resulting in unnecessary additional damage and costly repairs.

In addition, water leaks were not detected until staining was noticed on the drywall ceiling or interior walls. Wiring problems went undetected until the wiring actually shorted out, tripping the breaker or melting the insulation. Areas of missing insulation in walls and low insulation in attics went unnoticed. Leaking ductwork, resulting in higher energy costs, were difficult to detect.

Now, with Thermal Imaging, these potential hazards can be detected BEFORE they become a problem, saving costs, headaches and possibly lives..


Target Inspections Offers

  • Electrical System Scanning
  • Roof Moisture Scanning
  • Mechanical System Scanning
  • Commercial Structural Scanning
  • Residential Structural Scanning
  • HVAC Duct Leakage Scanning
  • Leak Detection
  • Hidden Moisture Scanning

Independent Third Party Guarantee

It’s important to know that your thermal inspection is accurate and unbiased in order to truly know the extent of the problem and properly decide on a course of action. The only way to insure the reliability of a thermal inspection is to make sure that the inspection company has nothing to gain from the results and does not benefit financially from the repairs or improvements that may or may not be required.






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